On Inner Healing

My Dear friend

The process for inner healing, God designed it to come out in a natural way. Bu we are so messed up because of the fall (sin, the original deviation) that we have to be taught again how to act in a “natural way”. Here I share with you the process by which emotional healing is reached. I just want you to picture a small child that comes to her dady after getting a cut on his knees and sees lots of blood in it:1)  Express the Pain. (The little child comes to his fathers arms crying –expressing his pain) Emotional hurts are due to deposits of pain that haven’t been drained. They are store inside of us waiting for any opportunity to come out and they will. You told me how you could see “destructive feeling” appearing inside of your… and all because of the intense pain that you got from the hurt. Neither time nor forgetting about it solve the problem, on the contrary, it “hides” it. Going before God, the Father, and expressing that pain in front of him like that little child. Pour out your heart

Passages to read:

Psalm 62:8 (King David encouraging you to do so)
Psalm 22 (A prophetic Psalm written by David that shows you what Jesus was praying and how he was pouring out his heart before his Father)
1 Samuel 1: 1-18 (See the relief Hannah felt after pouring her heart)

2)  You Forgive. (The father applies antiseptic in the wound of the child). This is a part that in a broad sense I call cancelation: cancelation of the debt you may have against the person who hurt you (i.e. you forgive). You also cancel any statement or declaration that could had done in your hurt, things like “men will always abuse me and betray me” (just to name an example). And you also ask for God’s forgiveness for your sinful reaction (remember that wounds are caused by our sinful reactions to what people does to us. They may cause pain and physical lose, but that doesn’t cause the wound, it is how we react to that that cause it). When you forgive you must be vey specific naming each aspect of the thing that caused you the pain. Forgiveness must be unilateral and unconditional (you don’t wait for the other person to ask you forgiveness, nor you condition it to his change).

Passages to read:

Luke 23:34;
Colossians 3:13

3)  Receive Consolation. (The Father of the child comfort the child by holding her, by giving her word that everything is going to be ok and by massaging and fixing the injured part). This is an important part because it takes away the “bad feeling” and helps you to see it in a constructive way. Here is were God comes to you with words of encouraging, words of hope, words that shows you his perspective, and that give you hope. He does this by helping you remember, by his Spirit, some words from the Scripture, or by talking to you directly, or by the “repainting” the memory of the hurt. The counselor that helps your praying with and for you can be used by God to used this too.

Passages to read:

2 Corinthians 1:3-6 (We need his comfort in the midst of our pain)
John 16:7-14 (He left us a Comforter or Counselor)

4)  You Give Thanks. (The father closes the wound in the Child). You give thanks for the event that caused you the hurt, not because it happened, but because God will work it out for your good in accordance to the purpose he set for your life. Here you give thanks for all the different things that you can come up due this event.

Passages to read:

Romans 8:28
John 16:33
1 Thessalonians 5:18

This is the basic thing… If your’re willing I want to have a session of prayer with you were we can do all this over the hurt that Mike caused you. We can do it trough skype next Saturaday if your are willing, what do you thing?

This will solve the must resent hurt that is on the surface… on my next mail we will target the deepest wounds, the wounds that foster your emotional dependency and to fall into harmful relationships.